Disable/Uninstall Shadow Defender without knowing the password


One of the computer shop here in my place is changing its IT personel for some reasons, I am the one to be replaced. Most online games here needs to be updated/patched because customers are complaining about their log in time were consumed during patches and updates. It will  take around 10 or more minutes for the patched to be finished depending on the speed of the internet or the games updates sizes. Ive noticed that the rest of the pc's where configured "shadow mode" doing some research with the help of Mr. Google, that shadow mode is a configuration under a program named SHADOW DEFENDER. A virtual environment which redirects each system change to a virtual environment with no change to your real environment. Just a simple restart will solve pc issues in no time. It is the same to a well known program "Deepfreeze" from Faronics.


I need to uninstall or disabled the Shadow Defender to install the updates and patches. But unfortunately the owner of the computer shop forgets the password and the old IT personnel is unreachable at the moment. Asking help from Mr. Google wont get me into something useful information including sending email to the support team of shadow defender they didn't reply. And most forums regarding my problem are mostly not solved. Now I'm forced to used some of my powers its is mostly trial and error and I did this almost a day to solve this issue. So I'm giving you the step by step procedure to save your heated BUTTS out their. :P

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete ( Windows Task Manager ) click  "PROCESS"
2. Find "Defender Daemon" or defender (which is the shadow defender program) under Image Name.
3. Select then right click and end its process.Right after reboot your computer and enter SAFE MODE while pressing F8 during start up.
4. On Safe Mode, Go to Control Panel and find the Shadow Defender program and uninstalled it.
5. Then do some cleaning on the registry and delete/remove any links particular to shadow defender. (Search "keyword" shadow defender and delete any results that has to do with shadow defender.
6. On the start up program disable any programs that calls shadow defender ON.
7. Reboot and Congratulation!


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  2. Thank You Mr, Its 100Percent Worked.

  3. Wkwkwkwkwkw... It's and old issue... Do you know why did your last trial get successful??

    Here the simple reason:
    The developer of this program set the default condition that this shadow mode will inactive by default in windows safe mode. So, you dont need to kill defender daemon first.. Just restart ur PC and boot into safe mode, you will get shadow mode off. So you can easily remove it. Just try this..

    So how to make your PC more safe with this program?
    It easier..
    Just do some registry change..
    Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\diskpt
    then change DWORD value from 10000001 to 10000011 (for win XP and newer windows) or from 10000001 menjadi 10000010 (win 2000 and older version)

    Now, try to uninstall shadow defender in windows safe mode. Call me if you success.. Hahahahahaha

  4. Here my way to fully uninstall shadow defender, even after this software had been registry patched..

    Just boot in to a live CD or USB, you can use hiren boot, windows live CD or etch.. Whatever you use, just delete file named diskpt0.sys in every root directory.... But for the simple way, you can just delete the file in windows directory (like C:\, depend on where the OS exis), that boot into your PC OS, you can uninstall it now...

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  6. thanks ferro.putra...

    salutte to you..

  7. thank you very much! Godblessyou Mr. excellent! :D

  8. Is there any way to disable shadow defender indefinitely without unistalling it?

  9. Is there any way to disable shadow defender indefinitely without unistalling it?

  10. Eres la poya ferro

  11. why did you post information like this????
    other people may use this steps in other way around.... maybe they will use this to destroy PC Operating System.....

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